New Microchip Design revolution creates Blue Ocean for Tech Companies

In 1959 Robert Noyce invented the first monolithic integrated circuit (IC) made from silicon. The world’s market received scalable technology that allows predefining data-processing logic into a

piece of semiconductor material. The Fourth Industrial Revolution begins. Today, we can’t imagine our lives without IC-based electronic devices.

At the same time, since the first microchip was invented, it is not possible to design a high-end central processing unit (CPU) if you are not a large multinational corporation with strong

technology background.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools license costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Moreover, because of 30 years legacy of the core technology, rich corporations need to hire scientists with over 10 years of chip design experience for at least 2-3

years to master the EDA software in their own environment and maintain the IC development process.

All mainstream EDA tools are very complex, requiring careful crafting and testing before they can be deployed to handle real-world designs. They are usually categorized into “functional” and “physical” sub-categories.

The most important tool in the Front-End category is functional verification where simulator/emulator/rapid-prototyping are the main tools all design teams deployed, while Place-&-Route, timing/parasitic extraction, physical design rule checker – are the most important ones of the Back-End.

Because of such complexity of the processes, even the design of a small CPU for a mobile phone might cost more than 100 mln. US dollars and the basic proof of concept process might take more than 3 years.

From the Meacado Team experience, regardless of EDA categorization, AI has an important role to help answer the ever-demanding design requirements.

This fast-growing company makes technological breakthroughs in this field. Their AI-driven solution promises to decrease the cost of microchip design up to 15 times, and providing EDA Software as a Cloud Service makes chip-design technology affordable even for Startups.

CEO of the company Yip Ly believes that the automation market revolution is happening. Instead of writing software for slow mass-market microchips that are unified to maintain high-level programming languages, any company in the robotics industry will be able to design predefined logic in the core of their own microchip.

Meacado’s Co-Founder Vlad Panin is sure the advantage in the performance of predefined in-IC algorithms will drastically change our understanding of the blockchain market and AI-related industries, such as self-driving cars, sound/visual recognition, cryptocurrencies mining, and all high-performance computing markets.

The unique EDA algorithms allow training chip design in the cloud. Based on experience from thousands of microchips’ projects the effectiveness of the ecosystem multiplies with every new project.

This logic provides Meacado clients an impressive advantage leaving their competitors at least 3-5 years behind.

The Meacado founders are sure that their new EDA tools will democratize the chip design market and will drastically change the global market forever creating new opportunities for tech companies to make the world a better place.

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