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Meacado is about saving human dignity in the post-pandemic reality. We believe: access to the food should be the same the access to the air is.

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We are connecting Food Banks, Local Farms, Super Markets, and Government to give you 100% access to the Free Food

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Maecado is a platform where government, aid organizations, food banks, nonprofits, and your neighbors are connected with people who need help.

Meacado is about the passion to change the world. You can use all Meacado tools for free. Always! With no trial period or hidden terms.

Volunteers are helping people with grocery delivery, emergency situations, or other routine to-dos. You can also help to fight social isolation through calls. As a volunteer, you can build your own ecosystem including people who are following your profile and the team you`ve invited and are leading on the platform.

How to build my business with Meacado?

Our premium subscription allows you to see requests with financial rewards. 100% of the rewards people offer are yours. If you`ve built your community as a volunteer, you will see followers' paid requests much faster than other volunteers. You will also earn 2% of each task your team successfully completed.

What is the difference between Meacado and delivery apps?

Social impact first. There is no other place where you can get moral support or even free food in one click. Passion about what we are doing and the social impact we are generating: these two things make Meacado totally different. Meacado is connecting thousands of enthusiasts and aid organizations giving them full-cycle volunteering management tools for free. Having Meacado installed on your phone you will never feel alone and scared. The world is full of good people and they are using Meacado.

We are growing with the best communities in the world!

Meacado is 100% transparent company with a big passion to make the world a better place.

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